The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew gave a qualified defense of Rand Paul and his controversial comments on the Civil Rights Act. Weigel joined him, TNC wasn't as forgiving (and praised Maddow's approach), Ezra grilled the GOP nominee, a reader piled on, and Paul started to panic. Friedersdorf still thought he'd make a good addition to the Senate. Andrew Gelman downplayed Tuesday's elections.

In other coverage, the new British government showed signs of democratic reform, Nate Silver checked in on the California's governor race, Derek Thompson and Ross Douthat toyed with budget cuts, Norm Geras and Shikha Dalmia bashed Hitchens on the burqa ban, Douglas Adams and Maureen Tkacik talked authoritah on the internets, and Goldblog grilled Josh Green over his gay groupies. Andrew and Greenwald continued to bang their heads against the wall of secrecy of sexual orientation.

In other commentary, readers tore into another reader over the drug war, others teared up over the bus driver's birthday, another responded to the Cannabis Closet, and yet another gawked at Beinart's support for denying rights to Arab Israelis. Bible study here and here. We also read the spiritual reflections of a hospice nurse. David Simon joined readers in slamming NYC and Friedersdorf started in on DC.

Brain orgy here - something Nicolas Cage would have no appetite for.

-- C.B.