Today on the Dish, Pelosi got bolder over ending DADT, we checked in on the size of the oil spill, and Andrew let out a great lament. He also took another long look at the Beinart-led debate on Israel.  In the wake of Rand Paul bailing on Meet the Press, Ambers thought he will weather the storm, several bloggers assessed his libertarian cred on foreign policy, Julian Sanchez addressed the conflict between his idealism and the real world, TNC examined the racist baggage plaguing many libertarians, and a reader wrung his hands over the media's treatment of Rand.

In other coverage, a Republican won the seat of Obama's birthplace, Ricks relayed a daunting report on getting stuck in Afghanistan, and a new twist on the Malawi couple surfaced. Palin told another pernicious lie, a former conservative pointed his finger at her, even Pete Wehner couldn't defend her, and Todd, as it turns out, appeared to make most of the decisions.

Bruce Bartlett predicted a political storm over Medicare and slapped conservatives over military spending. John Seabrook sang the praises of adoption while a few readers took exception. More on the origins of Jesus Christ here and here, More on the essence of hippies here.  A video version of the Hewitt Award here, a kick-ass nature clip here, and a cool ad for the World Cup here.

-- C.B.

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