The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew was cautiously optimistic about the dramatic developments over DADT and wondered why Obama seemed to shift all of a sudden (clues here and here). Fallows also weighed in. Meanwhile, support for ending the ban was as popular as ever - as was acceptance of gay and lesbian couples.

In spill coverage, BP will try to plug the leak, ABC looked down below, Elizabeth Kolbert glanced at our oil future, readers wrung their hands over Obama's response to the crisis, and we worried about hurricane season. In Palin coverage, Joe McGinniss got a little too close, she responded with another flub, Andrew Sprung tried to make sense of her latest narrative on Obama, and Wendy Kaminer wondered how the Kagan response would be different if she looked more like Palin. In other news, the Church kept misleading its followers over HCR, Julian Glover reviewed the Queen's speech, and a plunge in the stock market popped back up.

In other coverage, Jonah Lehrer gave props to parenting and Tablet and Beinart tried to talk to their kids about Zionism. More discussion of Christianity here and here. Conor-led DC talk here and here (bonus suburbia here). Malkin Award here, creepy ad here, Lost's many jumping sharks here, crappy old postcards here, and butched-up rainbows here.

-- C.B.