The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, BP was compelled to stream footage of the "top kill," bloggers vented over the dire situation in the Gulf, and John Hudson shone a spotlight on the seediness of regulators. Senator Nelson gave his go-ahead on DADT, Gates sounded circumspect, readers gave their thoughts on the surge of support from Obama, Ben Smith relayed some intriguing details, and Steinglass called out homophobia-phobia.

In other news, McChrystal made Afghanistan sound even worse and Obama revived the line-item veto. Stimulus updates here and here. In Palin coverage, Weigel unloaded on her targeting of McGinniss and readers differed over her interpretation of the Frost poem. More Palin crack here and here. Premium coverage of Ralph the Swimming Pig here, here, and here. Home news here.

Andrew and Chait went another round over Zionism, we spotted an unsettling bit of news out of the West Bank, and we posted a follow-up on that disturbing photo of the taunted Palestinian woman. Horton turned up the heat on the administration over detainees, Scott Morgan divined the their response to legalization in California, Douthat dumped on the paleocons, and Balko bowed before vending machines.

Christ conversation continued here. More discussion of DC here and especially here. Creepy ad here, Malkin Award here, Saddam-sodomy blogging here, and Bruni-sodomy blogging here. Idol-blogging here and 24-blogging here. Especially lovely window here and especially fucked-up face here.

-- C.B.