Teddy Partridge doesn't feel sorry for the disgraced former congressman:

The AIDS prevention non-profit agency I worked for early this century was almost destroyed by ‘family values conservative’ Mark Souder’s witch hunts and prurience. He was, filling some undeserved chairmanship role in the GOP House, convinced that our HIV/AIDS prevention messaging to sexually active adults was too explicit and violated the odious Helms amendment preventing sexually transmitted disease prevention messaging from, um, talking about sex.

Joe Sudbay points out:

Souder has long been a crusader in the House against same-sex marriage. This year, he signed an amicus brief in a case against D.C.'s new marriage law. Souder's Congressional website includes a September 22, 2009 podcast on "Homosexual Government Employee Benefits," which Souder sees as a "backdoor" way to get marriage. He added:

This is a very, stormy controversial, difficult subject. As Christians, we have to be very careful. It's not clear how once you start to redefine marriage in these ways how you don't have multiple wives.

In the video above, Souder is interviewed by his mistress. See Max Fisher for more on the scandal.

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