Weigel, a typically impartial reporter, gets blowback from readers after calling those who oppose marriage equality "bigots." He regrets the word choice, but adds:

[W]hy was I willing to be so disrespectful to one group of activists? Unlike with most activists, I don't really see the direct impact on their lives, or on the lives of the people who agree with them, of the cause they oppose. Antitax protesters are threatened by higher taxes. Anti-health-care-bill protesters fear their coverage will get worse. Anti-meat-eating protesters believe animals are being murdered and the environment is being made worse. Even the birther movement has always made a kind of sense -- oust Obama from office, and you get a chance to reverse what damage you think he's done to your country.

But who's threatened by legal same-sex marriage?

(Image via Alex Ogle)

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