More On The Exit Polls

Nate Silver plugs the exit poll numbers into his model:

Here is what our model would project on a popular vote of Conservatives 38.5, Labour 29.3, LibDems 23.3:

Iain Dale thinks the exit polls are off:

So the exit poll shows the Tories on 307 seats, 19 short of an overall majority. Don't panic chaps and chapesses. My view is that by 4am this poll will have been shown to be wrong. It seems too incredible to be true that the LibDems are only predicted to get 59 seats. I'll run naked down Whitehall if that turns out to be true.

The FT's Westminster blog is live-blogging:

Turnout is expected to be higher than usual – party observers around London have reported higher than usual numbers of voters coming through, even at traditionally quiet times of day. Turnout could even reach 1997 levels of 71 per cent, in contrast to 61 per cent in 2005. Kiran even spotted a 17-year-old attempting to vote in Bethnal Green - and who says the young are disengaged!