TDW jumps aboard a new cause:

Not a single episode of ABC’s uproarious new sitcom Modern Family goes by that I don’t find myself ranting and raving over the pseudo-progressivism of having an openly gay couple on a primetime TV show, and going out of your way to avoid having them show real-world physical affection toward one another. Happily, I am not alone in my diatribe: A Facebook campaign was recently launched to convince ABC to let the adorable duo smooch to their hearts’ content on national television. [...It's] about recognizing that when two people are in a committed relationship, they kiss each other on the lips.

Good As You, which provided the screenshot, still finds the show "funny, sweet, progressive, and genuinely pro-family (no quotes)." The shot is, perhaps, a perfect distillation of where the culture now is on gays: fine but not equal.

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