Is Gordon Done?

Julian Glover thinks Gordon Brown should bow out:

There's a moment in every game when someone has to put a hand on your shoulder, whisper in your ear and tell you to walk away – you've lost. Labour isn't quite at that point yet this evening but it's looking close. Tonight looks like bringing a big turnout, a sizeable Tory lead, though maybe not the large clear majority many Tories think Cameron should have won, and a big Labour defeat.

Martin Kettle's take:

Gordon Brown's acceptance speech after his win in Kirkcaldy was interpreted by the BBC studio team as practically a valedictory on his prime ministership. Maybe. My reaction was that he is keeping his options open. Brown's insistence on playing his part and on securing a stable government sounded pretty much like the words of a man who is not going to give up any time soon. The messages from Labour are that the party is in the business of trying to form a coalition if they can. Will they succeed? I doubt it. But I think Brown thinks he lives to fight another day – though maybe only one more of them.