Inverting The Supermarket


Jason Kottke has a revelation:

FreshDirect is an online grocery store that delivers in the NYC area. I needed to do an order this morning, so I downloaded their iPhone app on my iPad and discovered that grocery shopping is one of those things that the iPad is *perfect* for (an it would be more perfect with a native iPad app). You just take the thing into the kitchen with you, rummage through the cabinets & fridge, and add what you need to your FD shopping cart. Then you take the it with you around the rest of the house (the bathroom, the garage, the pantry in the basement) adding needed supplies as you go. It inverts the usual "wander around the grocery store searching for items" shopping practice; instead you wander about the house looking for what you need.

(Image: The first customer in the shop, Kazuki Miura (R), receives his iPad from fashion model, singer and actress Lena Fujii (L), as they start to go on sale at the shop of Japanese internet service provider Softbank, Apple's exclusive partner in Japan, in central Tokyo on May 28, 2010. Apple's much-hyped iPad went on sale in a swathe of countries from Australia and Japan to Europe at the start of a global rollout tipped to change the face of computing. By Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images.)