Interrogator #1

Ackerman witnesses the testimony of a Gitmo guard accused of threatening a 20 year-old Canadian with rape and death if he did not tell him what he wanted to hear:

Interrogator #1 would tell the detainee, “I know you’re lying about something.” And so, for an instruction about the consequences of lying, Khadr learned that lying “not so seriously” wouldn’t land him in a place like “Cuba” meaning, presumably, Guantanamo Bay but an American prison instead. And this one time, a “poor little 20-year-old kid” sent from Afghanistan ended up in an American prison for lying to an American. “A bunch of big black guys and big Nazis noticed the little Afghan didn’t speak their language, and prayed five times a day he’s Muslim,” Interrogator #1 said. Although the fictitious inmates were criminals, “they’re still patriotic,” and the guards “can’t be everywhere at once.”

“So this one unfortunate time, he’s in the shower by himself, and these four big black guys show up and it’s terrible something would happen but they caught him in the shower and raped him. And it’s terrible that these things happen, the kid got hurt and ended up dying,” Interrogator #1 said. [...]

This interrogator was the only one who found Omar Khadr "uncooperative." He was later court-martialed and jailed for detainee abuse.