Homophobia-Phobia, Ctd

Steinglass sees it among defenders of DADT:

I think proponents of the status quo assume the military is unique in less admirable ways. They believe bigotry is so enmeshed in the bureaucracy as to make DADT's repeal impractical. Few congressmen or pundits put it so bluntly, but their projected homophobia is obvious in their vague warnings about the detrimental effects of repeal. There is no evidence to support casting such broad aspersions on America's soldiers. In fact, it seems likely that many soldiers are already aware of their gay colleaguesthey must know they existand still manage to carry on with their tasks. Frankly, the argument that the military is unique in its homophobia, to such a degree as to seriously threaten its effectiveness if DADT is repealed, is beginning to look about as silly as this video.