Harvard's Blank Slate To Rule Over Us

Dan Froomkin vents legitimate frustration at the pointlessness of it all. Robbie George writes glowingly of Kagan's "personal integrity" (is there anyone who doesn't like her?) but rightly asks for more aggressive scrutiny than in the recent past. In Kagan, it seems to me we have reached a new level of utter blankness. Her entire career has been about never taking a stand on anything of any substance - free coffee for students! - while networking in a way to neutralize any conceivable opposition. And she is walking back from her earlier demands for more clarity and transparency in Senate confirmation hearings. Josh notes that liberals are worried about an Obama Souter. I just don't believe that Obama is that prone to risk. I predict that if confirmed, she's much more likely to surprise on the left than on the right, in so far as those terms mean much any more. I mean she favors a powerful central government's power to organize and regulate our lives for our own improvement. And she will not see the court as an obstacle in that government's way. Libertarian she ain't.

But I'm guessing. We're all guessing. None of us has a clue - including those who say they are close to her. There are so many things we don't know about this person about to get enormous power over us for life. Which is why I have so far found this nomination so disturbing.