A reader writes:

Have you not watched the news this week?  Every station shows a deserted coastline as the oil begins to wash up.  Where are the feds?  In 40 days why have they not dispatched booms and clean-up workers to the beaches?  They have dragged their feet getting the Army Corp of Engineers to help the coastal states set barriers up to protect the beaches and marshes.  On Hardball, Chris Matthews hammered the Coast Guard Admiral on the fact that there is no comprehensive plan to clean-up the spill.
When even center-left commentators are joining conservatives in criticism you seem to have forgotten your own moto :

“To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle".

My reader has a point. Not being glued to cable, I wasn't thinking of the clean-up. But I need to look into it further before I concede the point.

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