A View From The Closet

A reader writes:

Thanks for reminding us in the closeted world - in my case the world of teaching in a Catholic High School for twenty six years - of the insanity of our positions.  Every single kid knows I am gay.  I'm fifty five and unmarried.  I teach English.  I love plays.  I get along with women.  Of course, I'm gay.

But on the other hand, you came up against the real world, Andrew.  It doesn't matter what the kids know.  The adults don't want me to tell.  They would make a big thing about it if they could.  I've done a world of good for the gay community, except in being out.  It's the world I lived in.  It's not your world.  It's not the world of the kids below you.  But it has been my world.  And it has been a wonderful one, for the most part.  Four more years, and others younger than I can take over.  I wish them well.
You, dear sir, are the BEST.  I am not.  Neither are most of us out here. 
But we worked hard on it.  For a LONG time.