That's what they are calling Ilario Pantano. Steinglass summarizes:

[Pantano] a Republican congressional candidate in North Carolina, told the Daily Beast's Benjamin Sarlin last week that he had been impelled to run for office by Eric Holder's move to investigate the legality of the CIA's interrogation techniques. "What our men and women were doing in enhanced interrogations was not torture and the prospect of investigations smacked of politics," Mr Pantano said.

What Mr Pantano did while serving as a Marine in Iraq wasn't torture, either. On April 15th, 2004, he unloaded some 50 rounds at point-blank range into two unarmed detainees, stopping in the middle to reload a fresh cartridge, then posted a sign over their bodies reading "No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy", an unofficial slogan of the Marines. The military charged him with premeditated murder and with desecrating the corpses, but dropped the case because the chief witness was considered unreliable.

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