A Bus Driver's Red Letter Day, Ctd

A reader writes:

The video of the Danish bus driver and his passengers brought tears to my eyes, literally.  It is incredibly moving to see all these (mostly) blonde, Danish-looking people celebrating with such joy an African immigrant who brings them to and from work and school every day.  On so many levels, the scene is beautiful, but mainly it shows that while we strive and toil and wish and hope for ever more, while we put off happiness hoping for it in some uncertain future, or in heaven if we believe in it, often little daily moments like those are the real "heaven" - the here and now. 

There was once a survey done on who are the happiest people on earth.  If my memory serves me correctly, it was the Danes.  When the researchers looked into why, it turned out that Danes are happy because they have very low expectations and so when something good happens, they are always pleasantly surprised.  Just like I was, with this moving video of a little serenade somewhere in Denmark.

The reader's memory bears out. Another:

Thanks for posting that.  Six months ago, extremists in Denmark were pitching legislation banning minarets.  And of course there was the Muhammed cartoon controversy.  Now a bus driver whose name means "chosen" in Arabic is celebrated by the folks who see him every day.  It's good to see a sense of goodwill, born of community, triumph over the tyranny of the fearful.