A Bumpier Ride For The GOP

Another relatively good omen for the Dems, as Meg Whitman's lead in the primary polls collapses in a vortex of negative campaigning:

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Jerry Brown is waiting in the wings and raising money. And in every recent poll, he's moved ahead of both Republican candidates in general election trial heats. PPIC shows him leading Whitman 42-37 (and Poizner 45-32), after trailing her 39-44 in its March survey. It's unclear whether the recent GOP preoccupation with immigration is having an impact on the Latino vote, though everyone remembers the fallout that afflicted California Republicans the last time this issue dominated their message (in 1994, when Pete Wilson campaigned on Proposition 187, winning the battle but losing the war). Whitman is definitely walking a tightrope on that issue, calling most recently for National Guard troops to patrol the border (not exactly legal, but it sounds good), and running a radio ad in which her campaign chairman--yes, Pete Wilson himself--vouches for her toughness on immigration.