Sunder Katwala raises the alarm. Chris Brooke summarizes:

Roughly speaking, the idea is that in the event of a hung parliament,David Cameron isn’t going to wait patiently for Gordon Brown todeliberate at leisure over his future as prime minister, but is goingpublicly to declare victory and demand “the keys to Number 10″ (whichis a funny expression, as the famous front door to 10 Downing Stdoesn’t have a keyhole in it); and that he’ll be cheered on in doingthis by the rightwing press...

And yawns:

The bottom line is that politics is about power, and if the Tories arethe only ones willing to play hardball, then – bluntly – good forthem.  If the Queen discredits herself along the way by being pressuredinto being openly partisan, then that’s a good thing, as it’ll work tohasten the end of this stupid monarchy.  And if voters disapprove ofwhat the Tories are doing, then they’ll punish them when they get thechance. That’s democracy.

On Friday, Britain's post-election politics could look alarmingly like Iraq's. The real story may be after this election, not before it.

(Hat tip: Harry)

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