"Because We Are Nashville," Ctd

A reader writes:

I know this quote was supposed to be a nice statement about how great Nashville is, but what came through for me was really a guy remarking on the barbarism of the residents of other flooded cities. Coming from a place that is routinely flooded every couple of years, I can tell you that looting is a desperate reaction to poor government response.  Do people think that the reason why NOLA residents looted after Katrina was because they were bad people, or because their government had abandoned them and they were looting out of desperation?  And did Nashville actually handle the floods on its own?  Not really.  They had help from the Tennessee National Guard and FEMA.  That is why these institutions exist.  So, before we go off and explain the niceness of Nashville in the face of disaster as compared us heathens elsewhere, let's at least recognize that state and federal disaster managers have done a good job this week.  When they don't, there's no accounting for what people will do.

In fact, Nashville was not without looting.