"An Epidemic Of Not Watching" Ctd

A reader writes:

No matter how much you write, I think it comes down to this. Either there's a possible compromise or there isn't. I think TNR would say, and mean, that under some conceivable terms they would support a Palestinian state. Have the Arabs ever reciprocated that? Is there any conceivable Zionist/Jewish state the Arabs have said they would accept, permanently, to leave in peace forevermore? If the answer to that is "no" then the question of the settlements seems almost trivial in comparison.

Well, Egypt and Jordan made their peace. The Saudi peace plan suggests a settlement is possible. The new Palestinian leadership on the West Bank seems open to compromise and a far cry from the lies of Arafat. A new president who could actually restore some neutrality in the US position was just elected. The war against Jihadism makes a peace deal in both Israel's and America's interests ... but the Israelis keep building settlements and won't budge, and AIPAC is right behind them. In those circumstances, given the demographic and political realities facing Israel, the kind of anti-anti-Israel posturing among the neocon left and right really is sad. And, in my view, fatal to the country they love.