Women Who Get High

Dawn at Feministing reviews Smiley Face, a stoner flick starring Anna Faris:

I have noticed, over the years of tickling my cannabanoid receptors, there are very few stoner flicks starring women. Actually, there are very few stoner flicks featuring women who are um, STONERS. I suspect this has to with enforcing traditional gender roles and perpetuating negative stereotypes about cannabis users. Women are caretakers, not stoners. Women are "fun-killers," i.e. wives, girlfriends, and mothers who unfailingly look down on the infantile, lazy, unintelligent potheads with their dead-end jobs and ratty couches. When the stoner flick features teenage protagonists, the few girls who do smoke weed are minor characters and typically "unattractive" or "slutty." This seems to prove a point about females cannabis users - if you in fact exist, you're not normal and we wanted to make sure you knew that.