A reader writes:

I appreciate that you’re strongly supporting the Tories in this election, but your coverage to date is so spectacularly one-sided.

Relying on Alex Massie to complement your own posts is rather akin to giving The Daily Telegraph carte blanche over the Dish. It isn’t very informative to posters outside the UK, nevermind those who are actually living here (including me). Given Johann Hari is not only a superb journalist, but a friend of yours and someone who you’ve repeatedly linked to on other subjects. Perhaps you might want to give his commentary equal billing where the general election is concerned?

“You can’t polish a turd” as a perfect summary of the Tory case against Labour is not only not the real issue, but on the balance of facts not necessarily true. There’s the genuine consideration that levels of crime in all recorded categories in the UK are the lowest in decades. There’s the genuine consideration that waiting list times in the NHS are at the lowest since record-keeping began. There’s the genuine consideration that Labour has signed some of the most family-friendly legislation on record, that they introduced civil partnerships, and that they, for the first time in history, provided everyone with the right to guaranteed paid holiday.

There’s the minimum wage (which the Tories opposed). There’s the abolition of section 28 (which the Tories opposed). There’s the fact that, according to many economists, the steps the Labour government took (opposed by the Tories) helped the UK out of recession. There’s the longest period of low inflation since the 1960s. There’s the Good Friday agreement and the Northern Ireland peace process.

Now, I certainly haven’t made my mind up about who I’m going to vote for, but I’ve probably provided more information about some of the genuine achievements of the Labour government in one paragraph than you have in the last couple of weeks. So, if you actually want to inform your readers about the UK election, rather than simply repeating the point ad infinitum that you hope the Tories win, I suggest you start doing it properly, and now, rather than using stupid political gags which benefit no-one.


Labour in Britain still have a bit of hope; the Mythbusters proved that it is actually possible to "polish a turd."