What About The Girls? Ctd

A reader writes:

Your female reader's submission brings me to write the following. For many years I was married to a very good and wonderful woman who was repeatedly sodomized, raped, and beaten by a priest in her parish when she was 10-12 years old.  We were together many years, and while I would not say that her past abuses were the cause for our parting, they played a very heavy role in our relationship.  I was there when her memories returned and shared in a good deal of them. 

While I would not compare the effect on me in any way to the sufferings experienced by her or any of the victims, I do believe there is a strong psychological toll born by those who love and empathize for the victims.  Consider for a moment what it's like to repeatedly have images of the person you most love being subjected to these tortures and rapes as a child.  There is an enormous sense of pain compounded by powerlessness.  It fucks you up.