Veiled Threat

Quebec premier Jean Charest and his allies have proposed legislation that would withhold services from Muslim women wearing a veil, partly on the grounds that it "subjugates" them. Thea Lim fumes:

How many times does it have to be said that gender equity is about giving women the right to make their own choices? If a woman’s choice is to wear a niqab, BARRING her from wearing one by removing access to work, childcare, healthcare and education is the absolute opposite of gender equality. I cannot say enough how disgusting and dishonest this is. If this bill was motivated by a real concern for women made to wear the niqab against their will, wouldn’t it make more sense to partner with organisations for Muslim women and/or organisations for women fleeing abuse and violence? Instead, this legislation is being championed primarily by white men and women who are not Muslim.

I see absolutely no reason for this assault on religious freedom and a woman's choice.