USA Today On Israel And The Settlements

Their position is basically the same as the Dish's - and I think that really does represent a shift in the mainstream of American opinion, given real credibility by David Petraeus's Senate report. Money quote:

[Palestinian] blundering is not cause for the Israelis to deliver a gratuitous poke in the eye, particularly one that undercuts Palestinian moderates and damages U.S. interests.

Supporting Israel will never be costless or risk-free. But this country should expect the Israelis not to act in ways that make it even harder and more dangerous to be their friend.

Public backing for Israel is strong in the U.S. 63% in the most recent Gallup poll. But if Americans whose own family members' lives are at risk every day in Iraq and Afghanistan come to believe that Israel's actions needlessly increase that risk, support would be jeopardized. The administration is right to warn the Israelis of that danger.

So USA Today is now a hotbed of anti-Semitism?