The Looming Legal Battle

James Doty finds the profiling section of the Arizona law vague and unconstitutional and thus unlikely to survive the courts:

The most likely outcome of the legal challenges to SB 1070 may be that the bill survives, shorn of its most offensive parts. This is obviously a good result for civil libertarians, but it's also good news for their frequent adversary, police officers. In requiring officers to check immigration status but providing them no clear guidelines on when or how to do so, SB 1070 places policemen on the razor's edge of violating Arizona law on the one hand and infringing on constitutional rights on the other.

counters concerns that the profiling section is race-based. And Allahpundit plays down fears that IDs would be checked routinely. But when even Tom Tancredo has misgivings, you may have gone a tad too far.