The Dish, Not As Jumpy

A reader writes:

I have been noticing fewer page jumps to read full posts recently. As a multi-daily reader I must give a hearty "Thank You" for that.

Another writes:

This is over a year old, but still: are y'all hip to Slow Blogging? I'm noticing a general slowing down, or conscious pausing, across multiple blogs recently. Interesting.

I'm trying to find a way to keep this blog alive without burning out completely.

It's hard to explain the experience of blogging every day (more or less) for ten years straight. And blogging like you mean it. I can't phone in this blog; it's just not in my nature. So cutting myself off on weekends has been a way to avoid crashing and burning (for Chris and Patrick too), and regaining some semblance of a life outside the web. But we've still failed to do "slow-blogging". In our first week of weekends-off, we racked up 260 posts, which is really no different than our previous pace. We've just concentrated them into five days rather than seven.

We have decided to cut down on the truncated posts, to please our most dedicated readers. More scrolling, less clicking. Fewer pageviews, but it's the reader experience that matters most. We realize at the Dish that our most precious resource is you.