The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew reacted to the latest "gossip" defense from the Vatican and addressed the fundamental question of the scandal in his Sunday column. A UN judge said that the pontiff can be charged. Yet another report of abuse here, more personal accounts of abuse here, here, and here, and a historical account here. Meanwhile, more silence from NRO.

Across the Pond, the Tories regained their footing. Kevin Sullivan marveled at the calm between Iraq and Iran, Scott Horton tried to stomach Karzai, and Jeffrey Gettleman explained why much of Africa never stops fighting. The Dish highlighted some unsettling footage of collateral damage in Iraq and an ex-military reader expressed outrage.

In pot coverage, Chris Good checked in on the legalization campaign in Cali, Friedersdorf talked taxes, and Pew found growing support nationwide. On the new iPad, Nick Carr saw a bright future while Cory Doctorow wanted to take it apart. Chait and Bartlett discussed the counterfactual of a Clinton presidency, Fallows scrutinized White House reporting, and Andrew offered a short journalism lesson. Rove watch here, Thiessen watch here, and Moore Award here. Cool ad here and cool app here.

-- C.B.