The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we kept with the WikiLeaks controversy. Reax here. More Greenwald coverage here. Readers dissented with Andrew and offered their expert opinions here and here.

In Vatican coverage, reports of alleged abuse continued to flood in while readers continued to share their own experiences. Dreher and Andrew debated the bureaucracy of the Church, Mary Gordon defended her Catholicism, and NRO ended its silence by praising JPII.

Looking abroad, the Brown government announced the election and Massie disagreed with Andrew over Obama's Toryism. Iran rumbled with reformist activity, Avigdor Lieberman heightened his rhetoric, and TNC tackled Gettleman over his African war analysis.

In Palin talk, Andrew countered David Carr over her "authenticity," a reader backed him up, and Allahpundit proposed that she support pot.  Readers revolted over Doctorow's view of the iPad, challenged the "childless = green" argument, and discussed fast-food labeling. More CNN scrutiny here and a cannabis update here. Malkin here, End Of Gay Culture here, and guys with felines here.

POTUS got game.

-- C.B.