The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew laid out the vast Vatican corruption centered on Maciel while First Things sniped from the sidelines. More abuse cases surfaced in Memphis and Canada. Readers contributed more Episcopal stories and Catholic stories. Hans Küng cast a critical eye on celibacy and a reader doubted Christ's celibacy.

Across the Pond, Johann Hari sized up Cameron's relationship with the gays, Gideon Rachman explored the chasm between Conservative and Republicans, Massie sounded off, Cameron won Michael Caine's support, Brown pledged five more years, and a reader questioned Andrew's support of the Tories.

Kyrgyz commentary here and here. David Brooks and Gail Collins talked parenting, Richard Thaler defended soft paternalism, and Andrew endorsed meditation. Moore Award here, drunk history lesson here, and creepy ad here.

-- C.B.