The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we collected fallout over the pontiff's latest scandal. Andrew confronted the laicization canard and tweaked Ross over his semi-defense of Benedict. Richard Dawkins clarified his calling for the pope's arrest in the UK and Dietrich Bonhoeffer contemplated the Church's decline. More cases were bubbling beneath the surface in Canada, church authorities tried to block reform in Connecticut, the deputy pope blamed the gays, and the Internet kept up its mockery of the priesthood.

In election coverage, Gordon Brown presented his party's manifesto and put out a handful of ads. A British blogger in the north reported on the BNP. In Palin coverage, Exum wonders why she <3 Karzai, Scott Brown seemed to want nothing to do with her, and Tina Fey reprised her role. Sara Rubin tackled Bristol's new abstinence ad.

Lawrence Wilkerson drilled into the deepest and darkest corruption of Cheney. Greenwald eulogized the nomination of Dawn Johnsen, Kinsley talked conservatism and the Court, Bernstein discussed the politics of debt, and Lisa Hymas pushed birth control to curb global warming. Commentary on the economy here and here. Readers from Quebec sounded off on the veil controversy. Huckabee garnered a Malkin and Ron Paul got an Yglesias.

-- C.B.