The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Jason Berry continued to expose the evil of Marcial Maciel just as we caught wind of another case out of San Antonio. A reader dissented over Andrew's approach to the scandal, Julian Sanchez jumped in the debate, and a female blogger explained why now is the best time to be Catholic. Meanwhile, the Internet continued to lampoon the Church.

In election coverage, the Tories released their own manifesto. Massie scrutinized its approach to civil liberties and Drum demurred over its view of referendums. The Conservatives targeted Brown's supposed smugness and Paul Waugh figured Cameron will win by default.

In other news, Palin raked in $12 million, Medvedev flattered Obama, and Massa got creepier. Colbert grilled the co-founder of WikiLeaks, Larison tackled Jackson Diehl over the "snubbing" meme, and a new book in Israel targeted the settlers. Kristol approved of Elena Kagan, Andrew Bacevich compared Al-Qaeda to the mob, and Andrew articulated his South Park doctrine. More Kyrgyz commentary here.

Colin Dayan confronted canine profiling, readers sounded off on women getting high, and others recommended some smooth remixes. Hewitt Award here and Malkin here. Cool ad here.

-- C.B.