The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Hitchens kept up his campaign to arrest Benedict, theocon Mark Stricherz turned on the pontiff, and Austen Ivereigh discussed pedophilia and homosexuality. In election coverage, we checked in on the polls, Renard Sexton accused Cameron of failing to unite the Tories, and Wife In The North vouched for Cameron and Brown to discuss their deceased kids.

Ambinder's Atlantic cover story addressed American obesity. Ezra chimed in. Ambers also updated us on detainee policy. Torture defender Steve Kappes quit the CIA, Friedersdorf fisked Thiessen's response to Jane Mayer, and Jonathan Bernstein preferred to pardon Bush. Andrew highlighted the disconnect between Congress and Jewish-Americans on Israel.

In other coverage, Brian Doherty profiled the pot capital of the US, Evgeny Morozov and Clay Shirky talked Twitter and Iran, Nick Baumann and Freddie DeBoer discussed Colbert's WikiLeak interview, and Janelle Weaver reported on kids who can't see race. Joe Carter complained of a bias towards covering white, politicized evangelicals.

Gabe and Max taught you a little something about filing taxes. More gendered cannabis commentary here and canine coverage here. RNC hathos here and Yglesias nod here. Another rock remix here, a cool app here, and kick-ass kangaroos here.

-- C.B.