The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we were all over the first debate of the British election. Andrew live-blogged the event and summed up his reaction. Reax here and here. We also highlighted the Tories' approach to marriage.

Bloggers discussed the intellectual state of conservatism (we spotted another depressing sign) and Friedersdorf went another round with Thiessen. Andrew reasserted his fear of a Palin nomination while Brooks and Dickerson wanted everyone to focus their attention elsewhere. A Christian singer came out.

In other coverage, Niraj Chokshi told us about people are killing their TVs, McWhorter talked cussing, and Milbank got pareened. More women confessed their love of weed and Bolivia took it up a notch. Ta-Nehisi examined the horrors of slavery.

Beard blogging here. Crowdsourced art here, speed art here, and phallic Jesus art here. Urinating dildos here and porn for the blind here. Hewitt nod here, FNC hijinks here, and a frightening face of the day here. Also, we explained how we're trying to improve the Dish a bit.

-- C.B.