The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew continued to seize upon new improprieties within the Catholic hierarchy. He also turned the klieg lights on John Paul II and featured a scene from Benedict's visit to Malta. Commentary from Hertzberg and Savage.

In election coverage, polls put Labour in third, Clegg continued to glow in the media, and an eccentric candidate challenged Cameron. Dominic Lawson explained the class factor, we heard from a disgruntled Tory, and a reader in Scotland dissented.

While the world liked us more and more, Americans hated on Americans. Eyjafjallajökull coverage here. Get your Palin fix here, here, and here. Greenwald and Balko tag-teamed the administration over whistle blowers, Ryan Avent concentrated on financial reform, and Drum pushed back against Andrew's swipe at "well-meaning liberals." And we spotlighted a depressing story of gay persecution.

In assorted commentary, Juan Cole talked terrorist HR, Adam Serwer pushed for inmate suffrage, Scott Adams sized up sex addiction, and Alex Tabarrok illustrated how freakishly fat we've become. The latest Dish coverage of circumcision here. Malkin award here, Hewitt here, and Moore here. Cool ad here and cool face here.

-- C.B.