The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, the president got heckled for the delay on DADT. Over in the UK, polling continued to plague the Tories and we continued to shine a spotlight on Clegg here, here, and here. Andrew elucidated more on class warfare and Douthat worried about the implications of the election on the American right. In Vatican watch, a whistleblower priest recanted and sex scandals continued to spread across the globe.

In various other coverage, David Freed profiled the guy wrongly pegged as the anthrax killer, Drezner doubted Obama's soft power, Laura Rozen examined the Gates memo on Iran, Ambinder figured subsidies might stem obesity, Manzi took on K-thug over climate change, Eric Barker studied virgins, Andrew checked in on the success of the surge, and readers revolted over his post on Epicurus.

Islamists had a hissy fit over South Park (not) showing Muhammed, and a reader followed up. Info on the Eyjafjallajökull's economic impact here and here. Hot lava action here. Big Palin update here and a dose of David Foster Wallace here. Readers sent in a flurry of rap and rock remixes, a diver romped with an octopus, and an ibex scratched his butt.

In honor of 4/20, Reason made the case for legalization, a working mom came out of the cannabis closet, Marie Myung-Ok Lee talked about treating her autistic son, Lebowski tried to get his carpet back using a paper clip, and we played a classic toker song. Also, I thought this window resembled some nugs.

-- C.B.