The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we took a comprehensive look at the British election. The Lib-Dems continued to surge, Cameron's message continued to flounder, the Tories threw some red meat to their base, and Nile Gardiner conveyed Clegg's critical views of Israel. Carnival-like antics here, here, and here.

Julian Sanchez chastised the White House over the Kagan rumors while Andrew addressed the growing campaign against the sexuality of Butters Lindsey Graham. Andrew also called out Mitch McConnell's big lie over financial reform. China followed the US in ending its HIV travel ban. Volcano updates here and here.

Sullivan kept on Palin, a reader got his back, Anne Kornblut revealed new info involving Trig, and Allahpundit was still high on the idea of Sarah backing pot.

In assorted coverage, Derek Thompson studied the numbers on unemployment insurance and part-time employment, Aaron David Miller deemed the dreams of an American brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace a dogma, TNC turned his attention to the tea-partiers and race, Howard French examined Chinese imperialism in Africa, Carl Zimmer poked at the brains of athletes, and Bryan Caplan prayed for a clone.

Epistemic closure updates from Manzi and Larison. More on women in the workplace here. John Meroney featured fascinating new footage of James Dean and The Gipper, Chris Orr commented, and Gawker dug into Mickey's past. Awesomely-bad book covers here and cool ad here.

-- C.B.