The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew live-blogged the second debate of the British election. Reax here. Insta-polling here and pre-debate primer here. Prior to the debate, the Tory tabloids trashed Clegg, Twitter rallied around Nick, Lord Mandelson sucked up to him, and Andrew assessed it all. Overall update here.

Andrew cheered on South Park and gave the finger to Viacom over the Muhammad episodes. Matt and Trey clarified the situation.

Matt Steinglass, Daniel Indiviglio, Ezra Klein, and Jon Chait covered financial reform. The Dish started a debate over DC statehood, a reader sounded off on athlete brains, another dissented over Andrew's dissing of Texas, and our clone discussion continued. A Philly politician outed a candidate as straight, Levin called Manzi as zealot, Douthat wanted to laugh it off, and Kottke highlighted a fascinating profile of human endurance. A cool ad here and a final batch of remixes here.

-- C.B.