The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew assessed the sustained surge of Nick Clegg, polling continued to look precarious for Labour, Cameron played up civil liberties, the gay vote swung to the Lib-Dems, Massie considered a Lib-Tory deal, Martin Ivens impressed Andrew with his analysis, and a reader explored the need for electoral reform. Round-up of commentary here.

Andrew took a long look at a profile of Palin and her newfound fortune. Reader response here and here. Andrew also checked in on the difficult situation in Iraq. On the immigration front in Arizona, Fallows contrasted the situation with China's and we put together a comprehensive look.

In other commentary, Reihan was pessimistic on the economy, Chait tried to understand the GOP on financial reform, Drum did the same, Farhad Manjoo sized up Facebook's plan for WWW domination, and Dan Ariely explored the roots of hypocrisy. Frum interjected in the Manzi-Levin spat, Manzi shot back at McCarthy, and Ambinder picked apart Gingrich.

Andrew mused about the spiritual component of playing and shared some footage of his beagles and husband at play. The Simpsons stood with South Park, Thoreau struggled with his caffeine addiction, and R.L.G. at Democracy In America did the same with polling on Israel. Yglesias award here and cool ad here.

-- C.B.