The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we rounded up commentary on the British election, Cameron reclaimed the online mantle from Clegg, and Massie and Silver nerded out to proportional representation. Economic indicators here and its political spin here. Media antics here, Twitter gaffe here, and a dose of pop culture here.

In Palin watch, DiA countered Josh Green over her presidential chances, Josh pushed back, and the Dish tallied yet another odd lie (though the perjury rumor was likely false). In immigration coverage, James Doty called the law unconstitutional, Kevin Johnson came up with a simpler solution, and an Arizonan posed an even simpler solution. Readers dissented over Andrew's take on racism, Tim Wise backed his view, and a tea-partier flipped his shit.

In random commentary, Yglesias worried about the pace of financial reform, Gideon Rachman drew comparisons between the Northern Irish and Israeli peace processes, Steven Berlin Johnson spelled out the power of Twitter, TNC begged to differ with Henry Louis Gates over racial blame, John Gray targeted atheism, Drum didn't, and Andrew tackled the "right-wing media-industrial complex." State of conservatism round-up here.

Adoption discussion here, creepy ad here, and mesmerizing art exhibit here. A reader passed along the Muhammed episode from Chinese YouTube and another shared an emotional story of letting her dog go.

-- C.B.