The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we homed in on Gordon Brown's historic gaffe. Video here. The media jumped into action, Labour officials spun, the old widow reacted in shock, Alastair Campbell sounded off, his fictional doppelganger raged, Andrew Rawnsley saw a long pattern in Brown's behavior, and the polls continued to look bad for his party. A big round-up of commentary here.

In immigration coverage, the Mexican ambassador warned his citizens to avoid Arizona, Sarah Palin spread a pernicious lie about the law, a congressional candidate called for implanting chips, Byron York didn't see the problem with ID checks, Reynolds pandered and waffled, Andrew called out the hypocrisy of the tea-partiers, and Kos foresaw a huge backlash against the GOP among Hispanics in the state. And we rounded up commentary on the right.

As the stability of Iraq continued to slip, Bernstein worried about the media coverage and Musings On Iraq examined the country's crime problem. Daniel Altman checked in on Haiti and Ezra Klein did so on HCR. Financial reform coverage here and here. In assorted coverage, Scott Morgan suggested revisions to DC's pot law, Dreher talked epistemology, and Bartlett took stock of conservative dissenters.

Fly old guy here, crazy ballin' here, naked-ish models here, preview of summer blockbusters here, and creepy ad here.

-- C.B.