The Case For Pardoning Bush

Bernstein repeats his position:

[R]egulars know that I believe the least costly way out of it is pardon-plus-commission.  Maybe that's not the answer; maybe someone else has a better idea.  As appealing as patience and muddling through might seem, however (and we know the president's instincts are often for just that, and in many areas those instincts serve him well), I just don't see it working in this area.  I don't see how you can run a foreign policy when stories such as this one are in newspapers around the world, and the President of the United States isn't doing anything about it -- and the loudest voices in the out-party are applauding torture and kidnapping.   Really, I'd love for someone to show me a path in which benign neglect works -- not morally, since it obviously doesn't, but pragmatically.