The Cannabis Closet: A Homeschool Mom


A reader writes:

I am a 39-year-old homeschooling mom and I smoke pot every night after my kids are asleep, in order to maintain my sanity. One of my kids has a language disorder and is mildly autistic. Teaching him requires a great deal of fortitude and patience and some days are extremely stressful. For me, nothing takes the edge off like pot does.

I choose to smoke pot instead of drinking alcohol as I suffer from clinical depression along with everyone else in my family. Alcohol is very, very bad for my mental state so I restrict myself to a glass of wine on special occasions. Pot, along with light therapy in the winter, has helped me to manage my condition without anti-depressants.

Only a select few people in my life know this about me and I do sometimes worry that someone might call social services if they found out. I don't know if it is very socially acceptable, even amongst people who otherwise don't much care otherwise, for a mom with small kids to be a smoker even though I never do it around them and I always go outside. I also never ever smoked while pregnant. Of all my female friends with kids, only one other smokes, that I know of. I wonder how many there are of us, hiding it in our houses because we're scared of what people are going to think.

As my father said when I came out to him as a pot smoker a few years ago: "Everyone needs a little something to get through it all." Then he asked for some of my stash. Wonders never cease.