Puss TV Update

A reader writes:

Another small update about South Park.  I missed the original airing of episode 201 on Wednesday night because I was watching a hockey game.  According to the programming guide, the episode was supposed to re-air at midnight, just like new episodes always do.  Instead, Comedy Central showed an older episode from this season.  Again today at 10:30, the guide on my TV said that the most recent episode was supposed to air.  And again, Comedy Central showed an older episode from this season.  Even in the edited form in which it appeared originality, Comedy Central/Viacom don't have the guts to show the episode again.  I bet it will never appear online and never re-air.

Yep, the episode is being airbrushed from history. Another writes:

I've also noticed their forums are down. Is this an attempt to stop discussion, or a just a coincidence?

Here's a suggestion for the free speech blogosphere. The Youtube above, showing the 2001 episode now also taken down from the South Park Studios site, may not last very long. Embed it in your blog this morning. We need to show real solidarity with Matt and Trey. God knows Comedy Central isn't (with the grand exception of Jon Stewart, peace be upon him).