Polls, Damn Polls And Israel

R.L.G. at Democracy In America is thinking of kicking his addiction to polls:

I still wish we could see more nuance in talking about this, rather than asking stupid questions like "Does Barack Obama support Israel?" I'm one of those who thinks supporting Israel means weaning it off its addiction to settlements. But I'm not optimistic that we'll get past this anytime soon. September 11th seems to have given us a chronic inability to see past "either you're with us or you're with the terrorists."

Yes, I found that Quinnipiac poll almost absurdly skewed. I regard myself as fervently pro-Israel as does, I believe, the president. But I believe that real pressure has to be placed to get a settlement for Israel's and primarily America's interests. Does that make me anti-Israel? (Please, God, let's not have that debate again.) The poll we need is determining whether Israel should permanently occupy the West Bank and all of Jerusalem. And we have that poll, from Rasmussen no less, an outfit whose sample would be likely to provide a pro-Netanyahu result:

49 percent of Americans believe that “Israel (should) be required to stop building new settlements in occupied Palestinian territory,” while only 22 percent believe it should not. That represents a strong endorsement of the position taken by the Obama administration. An even-more overwhelming percentage of Americans 75 percent believe that “Palestinian leaders (should) be required to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state” as part of a peace agreement.

So the American public supports Obama's position by more than 2:1. Funny how that doesn't get reported quite as much.