Palin's Bootlegger Grandfathers?

This is weird:

The speech was scattered at times, as Palin mentioned briefly that both her grandfathers were from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and that her family took many trips back and forth across the border from Alaska in her childhood.

They weren't just from Canada, they were bootleggers:

From her bootlegger grandfathers in Saskatchewan and Alberta, to the five children we know so much about.

This is news, it seems to me. In her novel, Going Rogue, she mentions her father's

"hometown of North Hollywood, California. He was born in 1938 to the celebrity photographer Charlie Heath, who specialized in shooting famous prizefighters."

Was Charlie Heath also a part-time Canadian bootlegger from Saskatchewan? And she writes that her mother

"was born into a large, educated Irish Catholic family in Utah. Her father, Clement James Sheeran--everyone called him 'Clem' or 'CJ--was a mediator for General Electric and was wild about Notre Dame."

Was CJ also illegally smuggling liquor in Alberta - via his work for GE? Or did she have two other grandfathers who were in the Canadian bootlegging business? Could she provide their names? Is she referring perhaps to Todd's grandfathers?

Or are we in Palin's alternate reality here? Maybe a reporter could ask her. (See update here.)