News That Matters

TED captions Kirk Citron's short speech:

How many of today's headlines will matter in 100 years? 1000? Kirk Citron's "Long News" project collects stories that not only matter today, but will resonate for decades -- even centuries -- to come.

But the point of news is that it's news, not that it's analysis or wisdom or even knowledge in any meaningful way. And the point of journalism is to present the news of the day - le jour. If it lasts much longer than that, it ceases to be journalism. And what people find interesting today may indeed by silly or irrelevant or obscure or meaningless from the vantage point of history or scholarship. But that's why we have history and scholarship.

One of the greatest fallacies of our time is simply the inability to understand that there are different modes of discourse and understanding. If they are understood in context, they do not contradict each other. They supplement each other. And the attempt to reduce news to something worthy and long-lasting is simply a category error. It has nothing more to add to the conversation that that.

Except fathomless smugness.