Mercede Johnston Speaks

TripsleepingOn Auntie

For anyone in Alaska to speak openly about the Palins is risky. There is genuine fear out there of the Palin family and what they can do (ask Trooper Wooten). But Levi's sister and Tripp's aunt, Mercede Johnston, has been finally forced to speak out about the Palins' restrictions over the Johnston family's ability to see their little Tripp, Levi's and Bristol's son. Jesse Griffin has the full guest-post from Mercede, and the greater willingness to speak is a good omen for uncovering all that we still don't know - and will never be allowed to ask - about the person now being primed by FNC to be the next president.

Obviously, I can't verify all these details, but they seem mighty genuine to me. Money quote:

Since Tripp’s birth I can count on my two hands the number of times I have had the chance to see him. How is that fair? My family has missed so much of his life. The first time he crawled, his first words, his first steps, even his first holidays! This simply breaks my heart!

Every holiday my nephew has a huge display of gifts and a card waiting for him, and every holiday comes and goes with no Tripp. Today’s date is 4/23/2010. I have not seen my nephew in over two months. I still have his Valentine gifts in a nice display waiting for him on a shelf. And I also have a live rabbit, as well as a chocolate rabbit that is bigger then him (for a few more months!), and a big Easter basket waiting for him. But who knows when I will see him next?

It could be another two months from now. There was a time when my family went FIVE months without seeing him! Anyone with a young child in their lives knows how much you miss in just a few days, much less months.

I just want all of you to see and know that Tripp Easton is the biggest bundle of Joy in my life, I love him more then I ever thought possible. He is my whole world!

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