Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun

Dan Zak profiles the Appleseed Project, a group that teaches Americans to shoot:

Some people at Appleseed just like to shoot. It's fun. Simple as that.

Some volunteer to explain why pulling a trigger makes them feel better. We're borrowing money from China and giving it to Haiti, they say. The health-care bill controls citizens who've worked to build their own lives, they say. The Second Amendment should probably be the First Amendment, they say, because if you can't defend yourself from tyranny, you can't open your mouth. Someone or something will be coming for us once "the bottom falls out" or the "poop hits the fan." Regardless of its form, the threat will be met by citizens who are confident in their firing skills, who are buoyed by collective memory of heritage, who know what we were and what we've become. You need only look down the barrel of a gun to see the difference, they say.

Whatever's going on out here, it's a shadowy target, tough to draw a bead on.